Saturday, 3 October 2009

3. Pitch and Feedback to our Pitch

The song that we have chosen to produce a music video for is Cosmo Jarvis - Mel's Song

I and my project partner have discussed ideas for an idea of a music video to go with 'Cosmo Jarvis - Mel's song' and we have produced a few key concepts of the music video. We then put these ideas and concepts into a pitch to share our ideas with the class. This is our pitch:

While we showed and performed our pitch to the class, they observed and commented on what they thought of our ideas. Some of these comments have helped the ideas to become more solid and have more reasoning as to why we what to produce this effect/connotations/idea.

One comment stated that "It's a shame you can't use the actual artist" But the reason is largely due to logistics and also the use of the artist is not relevant because it is portraying a man obsessed about a woman but If we were to connote the artist as this man it would send the listeners/viewers the wrong message, and the audience would then associate the artist as a "stalker". We are going to keep these 2 identities separate by showing the band playing in the background as the stalker walks past them, this allows the audience to distinguish between the stalker and the artist.

Another comment that has helped me in my planning, says "They've considered problems... but haven't stated what they'd do if they actually happened." This has made me consider how we could resolve these problems, for example if there is an actors illness on the day we would have to find a new actor that fits our requirements, or we could alternatively (if possible) film with out the actor on the day and when they are better film their part.

Another comment said " I like the idea, very similar to the wheatus video though and other music videos I've seen." although I think our idea is similar to wheatus I do not think we have copied it. We have not intentionally come up with an idea that has been made before, we have been influenced by other videos but we have interpreted our own ideas into the video. We have used wheatus as a demonstration of our ideas rather than our intentions to copy.

One comment that came to my attention was "Relying on weather could be hard; filming on different days could mean the lighting will be different." We have realised this and we hope to record the whole video in the same day, this could be very hard and intensive on the actors so at the very minimum we will record all the outside shot on the same day and in the shortest amount of time possible to avoid weather change.

In response to all our feedback I have considered concepts of our project more deeply and thought through it more thoroughly.

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