Friday, 16 October 2009

10a. How our Idea's have been influenced and spawned through research

Our filming ideas have been created from the research that I have made. The research of music video's is vital to the production of this music video as it helps us understand our audiences needs and pleasures.

My first example of where my research has been implemented to our planning is in the second scene where the main character is rejected by the girl, this is largely influenced by a scene in "Wheatus - Teenage dirtbad" when the main character looks up at the girl and it seems that she is looking back at him but she rejects him and walks straight to another boy. The connotations that we wish to achieve from this scene is rejection and lonelyness. These connotations will appeal to the target audence because they can relate to the event.

Through out most of the video we see the main character trying to grab the attention of the girl, this shows connotations of willing ness and hope. These connotations were taken from the song "Musiq soulchild - Buddy" as he is following her and singing to her " wont you be my B-U-D-D-Y" and we have tried to encorporate this into our music video by having him follow her and have him singing little bits of the lyrics to her, this scene will create hope for the character and our intentions from using this is to enguage the viewer and sympathize for the character.

When we see the main character sat on the bench drinking this portrays the stereotypical view of teenagers (aged from 17-19) being "wasters" and always abusing drink. This is why we chose to use cast that is around that age as it represents youth and provides a stereotypical view of teenagers. This is a concept that has presented it's self through the research of "Blink 182 - First Date." As this music video represents teenagers as trouble makers and mischievous, these connotations are created for example when one of the guys from the band throws a baseball bat into the spokes of the girl with braces, and then they swear at them. This representation would not work for a different group of people as this is the stereotypical view of teenagers.

finally the scene when we see the "Melony" return to her locker to find it covered in love notes, this scene was inspired by "Weird Al - Do I creep you out." because he shows his obsession by creating a shrine of this woman and is constantly peering round corners to watch her. Our scene shows the audience the obsession of the main character and how far he will go to show his love for her. But hen she rips them down it shows the rejection once again.

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