Thursday, 15 October 2009

8b.Mise en Scené

Musiq Soulchild - Buddy

The mise en scene straight away is very crisp, props are stylish and connotes class and luxury, such as the saxophones and trumpets. the clothing connotes stylish and well dressed, the lighting connotes peace and calmness.

This connotations are important for the image of the music video, if not thought through carefully enough it ill rune the music video.

The setting of the sidewalk next to a busy road shows the audience that its just a normal road on a usual day but the way he is acting show the way he has been captivated by this girl.
The lighting also connotes happiness.

When the video cuts to the night and he is dressed in casual clothes this connotes to the audience that this is an average night for him; partying and having fun.
The lighting on them show that the 'spot light is on them'.
The location of the party also connotes socializing and fun, the calm lighting helps support this.

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