Thursday, 15 October 2009

8a. Shot types and how they work

Fountains of Wayne - Stacy's Mum

Straight away there is a tracking shot of peoples feet stood stationery, connoting waiting and boredom. Then the juxtapositioning of the shot of Stacy's mum pulling up and the kid shows excitement and thrill and then the juxtapose of her mum geting out the car and the kids stood waiting connotes amazement.

The shots of her mum getting out of the car and getting back in are shot from a lower level than normal and when she gets out you can't see her head. This is to emphasis the low sports car and to draw attention to her legs and clothing. this works because you can see the kids 'gorping' in the background.

The shot of her mum in the house is always shot through blinds, this is to create a physical barrier between you and her, to show the audience that he can have her.

The use of medium close up shots of the characters show their reactions/feeling. For example when Stacy's mum come out with a towel on, there are medium close up shot of Stacy, The boy and the masseuse. Stacy's expressions show's her happiness for him being there but the boy show his reation to Stacy's mum walking outside with just a towel on. And the Masseuse show's his luck to be massageing her. Whereas there is no medium close up of Stacy's mum, this shows her lack of intrest for the boy, which creates irony because it sings "I could tell she liked me from the way she stared." but infact she isn't looking at him in the video.

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