Monday, 5 October 2009

4. Redundancy and Entropy

Any Image we see either in pictures or video's, are either a Redundant image or an Entropic image.
Even though I say an image can either be redundant or entropic, there is always levels of both in every single image you see, no matter how strongly redundant or entropic they look.

A Redundant image is an image which is simplistic and understandable for the viewer. In media texts this is important for the audience to see as they need to understand what is happening, but too much redundancy can bore the reader and be uninteresting for the audience.

An Entropic image is an image that is harder for the audience to understand, something that the viewer least expects and also slightly confuses the audience. This is also important in media texts, as it captures the audiences attention and engages them. But too much Entropy can cause the viewer to be completely baffled and unable to understand anything about the media text.

It is important to get the right balance of redundancy and entropy depending on circumstances and genre of the media text.

In our plans for our media coursework I think we have large amounts of redundancy and maybe lacking concepts of entropy. In music video's entropy is a large key to keeping the audience engaged in the video. We have resolved this by adding short clips intended to be entropic, such as the stalker outside the girls house in front of candles spelling out "I love you", and comical scenes with 'rock band' instruments as replacements to normal instruments.

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