Friday, 16 October 2009

10. Planning of the music video

We have created Idea's for filming, these idea's may spaw/develop into new idea's or we could choose to miss ideas out all together.

The music video will start with a quirky intro to the song with stop motion, titling the song. We intend to use magnetic alphabet letters for a comical effect as it adds entropy to the music video.

from then we will see the main character walking also to sit next to 'Melanie'. A long shot will show them on the bench together, he then presents pop corn and a DVD to her to match the lyrics "So come back to my room and we can watch a movie." he will then go to ponce on her and she will reject him and she will walk off, out of bare desperation he follows her and tries to propose to her with winegums. she then slaps him and walks off, this leads onto the chorus.

The first chorus will show the main character and his friend sat down and he is comforting the main character. But his friend gets frustrated and annoyed so he slaps him and walks off in anger. All of which is shown in a 2 shot. We then see the main character sat on his own singing the chorus to himself showing his remorse.

in the second verse the main character will be sat in a library and bust out crying on.. "I'll cry, I'll cry" and then we see a point of view shot to show him looking through relationship books this then leads onto a medium shot of the main character sat next to someone as he acts out the lyrics "Is it because a dry piece of hair gel fell your way" by scratching his hair and looking at his hand, the person sat next to him then acts out "Is it because my B.O had nowhere to go" by sniffing and then moving away from the main character.

The next scene will be of the main character sat on another bench drinking from a brown paper bag when 'Melanie' walks past and he gets up and follows her. On the lyrics "I should of been sober" he throws the drink in the air and it comes back down and hits him on the head, the camera will tilt to show the drink going up in the air and hitting him on the head. We then see a medium close up of the main character singing "I sat on a bench with the prettiest girl in bricxham"

The next chorus is then of the main character and his friend again, playing on rock band equipment and singing along to the lyrics. The drums and singing will be synced to the beat.

the break down after the chorus will show a wide shot of the main charcter holding a sign saying "I'm sorry" with a chip shop in shot, to fit the lyrics. This then cuts to him contemplating between Melanie and the chips. This will use match on action to cut to a point of view shot. We then cut to the chips on the floor to show that he has chosen melanie over the chips. the next shot shows him walking way into the background as the chips are in the foreground.

The next scene we see is of 'Melanie' returning to her locker to find that there are notes all over her locker and inside, we see match on action as she opens and close's the locker. her reaction to these notes is to rip them down, we then see the main character peer round the corner.
this then cuts to a night scene where he is stood outside her house with candles spelling out "I LOVE U" a high angle shot will show him looking up at the bedroom window as 'Melanie' comes to the window and looks out, it then cuts to a low angle shot of her looking down on the candle and we see a medium close up of the main character's face illuminated by the candle light.

The last scene we see is of the main character at the front door of her house with a banner saying "I love you" then melanie slams the door, this is shown as a point of view shot. this again uses match on action from the point of view of mel to the view of the main character. The door will slam on the last beat and it will fade to black.

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