Thursday, 15 October 2009

9. audience

Our target audience is going to be university/college students, this is because the brand figure for the band we are going to create is going to be funny and not taking things too seriously. As this audience is the best suited to this life style we thought this would be our best suited target audience. The age range will be between 15 and 24 year olds. They will be people up for a laugh, still a bit tight with their money but they love a good laugh. They enjoy a relaxed life style and love indie music. Both genders will enjoy but I think that the majority of the audience will be men.

We will engage the audience in various ways, we will try to make the audience relate to the song to a certain extent because after all everyone understands the concept of liking a girl that doesn't like you back. But we will engage the audience mostly through exaggeration and humor, using such filming devices as; over the shoulder shots of him following the girl, 2 shots of him following her, close ups and high angle shots.
The mise en scene of the music video is also going to be important, we need to make sure that the lighting isn't too dull as it is a comedy song and if it were to be too dull then it would dampen the mood. The location also need to be ordinary everyday places as it is portraying a girl going about her everyday business and she is being followed by this guy. Prop are also important to make the music video authentic.
The mise en scene should also appeal to the target audience.

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