Sunday, 11 October 2009

6. Treatment

Concept: Obsessive rejection: A Young attractive female is stuck on a guys mind. He madly loves her, yet he looks horrific, dirty and tramp like. This sets off clear rejection but this guy won't give up and essentially stalks his "dream girl".

Audience: My audience is university students/ teenagers who enjoy a fairly relaxed lifestyle and enjoy indie music. Both males and females can enjoy the song but our main focus would be males due to the lyrics and songs meaning. Students also enjoy going to local gigs which are often cheap and near campus. Establishing a new artist like Cosmo Jarvis would start at different universities slowly picking up a fan base.

Overall style and look: The music video itself will contain quirky young performers. The story will be a teenager who idolises a certain girl that every boy wants getting rejected time and time again. We plan to make these rejections humorous by perceiving the main role as “lazy” “unhygienic” and generally repulsive. The video does need to tell a story yet be funny and contain the artist. We plan to use stop motion, a series of jump shots and change of focus to move from character to character.

The videos we are currently influenced by include “Wheatus – Teenage Dirtbag” “ Beautiful South – A Little time” “ Cosmo Jarvis – Maxine “ These videos were chosen for connoting the same story. “ A little time “ uses great camera depth and brings characters into the scenes really well. Although our video is similar to Wheatus in the story sense we are not going to completely copy it. We plan to combine the narrative and actual band members playing. The band will be miming as electricity and learning the notes could be difficult. The videos we want to be different from are disjuncture types of videos such as Red hot chilli peppers californication. We want the lyrics to tell a story (Illustrating).

The technology we will need to use is: A video camera – This will be for the actual filming of the music video, Possibility of Lighting – Dependant on location we may use lighting sets to help remove any unwanted shadows and add specific affects. Possibility of using coloured gels to add a darker affect and mood. Digital SLR Camera – This is for the album artwork cover (Digi pack) and our magazine advert. This makes sense to do this whilst filming so we don’t need to ask our cast to wear the same clothes and wait for the same type of weather etc.. Possible prop. Quark express – This software will be used for editing and putting together our digi-pack and album artwork. Furthermore it will be used for our magazine advert. This advert is a key part of promoting our product and establishing the new artist’s brand. Adobe Premier Pro – This will be used for editing and putting together our video.

The sort of personal – The cast we have chosen our a set of friends we both know well. We decided on friends because we know which character suits who. They are easy to contact as we already see and have numbers, and most importantly reliable.

Date and Provisional schedule. 28th September - Finish Pitch and present 29th September30th Wed – Begin filming / introduce reiterate plot to cast. Research and planning3 & 4th October – Begin proper filming 10 and 11th October _ continue filming .

Likely problems: the weather – very unreliable needs to be dry (lighting). There is also the possibility of the casts’ health / illness. This can come up however we do have a backup cast lined up should anything occur. Camera availability - this shouldn’t be a huge problem as long as we book out the camera in time, using clear planning this should be okay. Possible Costs Petrol – Driving to locations, picking up cast. Props – sorting out outfits and accessories for cast. Transport: Bus’s aren’t always reliable, cast live far away. Not everyone can drive, car could breakdown. However I have full backing off my parents and my own car so I do have two options should one fail.

Health and safety issues: Weather – Slippery surfaces could be dangerous to cast and ruin equipment. Clear assessment on each scheduled day of filming will be made before we begin. Over heating from lighting equipment if not monitored properly. If using the lighting we would have to monitor it properly to avoid this.

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