Thursday, 15 October 2009

8. Researching into music video's alike

Logically, just like any other media product, production of it is adapted to suit and engage the target audience. With this key rule I am going to research similar genre music video's and highlight why they (or do not) engage the target audience and also how they accomplish this.

One music video that is in the same genre as Cosmo Jarvis' Mel's Song, is Wheatus - Teenage Dirtbag

This song is aimed a love struck teenagers. You can tell from this music video that it is targeting teenagers (from 13 - 19), People who can be perceived as 'outcasts' and 'rejects'.
This is portrayed through the main character, the video uses affective use of representation. One way the video represents the audience is with the slow motion shot of the girl walking past him to emphasize the contrast in looks/personality of the characters, it also identifies the main characters 'crush'. The long shots and mid shots of everyone pushing into him also represents him being an 'outcast', the mid shot of him being pushed on the floor also connotes the lack of care for the character.
All of which engages the target audience.
As the main character is represented this way we want to represent our main character in a similar way, but with a comical affect as we don't want it to be serious as our song has a vital difference to Teenage Dirtbag; The main character doesn't win the girl in the end of the video.

This is an Illustrating music video, because it tells the story in which the lyrics describe and it is also conventional for the genre of the music. The editing pace is also slow to accompany the tempo of the song and it also allows the viewer to understand what is happening in the story, clearly and effectively.

Another video that I have researched is Redhot Chilli Peppers - Can't Stop.

I chose this music video to research because of it's comical value and I would like to research how it reaches the target audience (similar target audience to ours). firstly the video relates to the audience through the mise en scene.
The lighting is clear and bright through out the video, connoting fun and laughter. This is important for the audience, because if the lighting is dull then much of the comical value will be lost.

Costume is also key to relating to the audience. The cast in the music video have similar clothing to the target audience, this engages the audience as they can relate to the cast.

Props can engage the audience greatly. for example in this music video the use of musical instruments will engage the audience as the target audience is musicians, the use of random and weird objects (eg chairs, buckets, pilot lights, etc) engages the audience because the target audience are spontaneous people who enjoy a laugh from doing obscure and instantaneous things


The set that the video is recorded in is very clear and plain, connoting to the audience that they are a pure band, a very honest band.

Blink 182 - First Date

I chose to analyze this song because the song type is extremely close to our song, it is comical and about love. The camera angel, movements and shots are important in the creation of a music video.
In this music video, when the band is shown playing, they are shown playing together, there are virtually no single shots of them playing. If there is the other band members will be in the back ground or the cut will be quick. This is to establish who the band are quickly.
One quirky shot in the video is when there is a 2 shot of the band members in the camper van and it has foged up and they are trying to wipe away the fog.
Much of the camera movement is panning shot to follow cast, to suggest and connote movement to reflect the fast beat of the song.

I have researched and looked for other music video's in the same music genre and here are a few that i have found, and why they fit into a similar genre as our music video;
3Oh!3 - Starstruck this music video is comical, aimed at a similar age and it is about love.
Go Audio - She Left Me because he is considered to be acting abnormal and it is about wanting her.
Fountains of Wayne - Stacy's Mum this music video is very similar to what we are trying to achieve as it is about a boy obsessed about her friends mum.
Bloodhound Gang - The Ballad of Chasey Lain this music video is about fancying someone it is extremely comical.
Sublime - Date Rape this is a rock punk rock song about tricking a girl into sleeping with him its comical value would appeal to our audience.
Musiq Soulchild - Buddy this music video is about being mesmerized by a girl and following her hoping the she will be his 'buddy'
Weird Al - Do I Creep You Out because this video is about stalking a girl and following her and being obsessed about a girl. Its comical value is almost the same to what we hope to achieve.

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