Sunday, 11 October 2009

5. Genre and Auteur

The genre theory is the idea of conventionality and the conventions of the genre is followed, where as auteur theory is the creativity used in the production of the media texts, ideas that the author has interpreted into the production of the media text, making things original and fresh.

In the past year and a half working on media and developing my skills, I believe that I have stuck tightly to the genre theory in creating my media tasks, but I also believe I have tried to incorporate auteur theory into the tasks.
I have not tried to challenge the conventions for example in my first practice film task I have used conventions such as match on action, 180 degree rule and the rule of thirds. But I have tried to be creative and make it more interesting to the viewer by making more than, just a video of two people talking, by adding a cut away shot of the person pretending that he has made loads of friends.

another example the genre theory in my work is my magazine coursework, my approach to this task was very much through influences, and I followed much of the conventions that came with the genre of music magazine that I was producing. My largest auteurest inclusion in this task was the mysterious main sell as the genre is typical of bright colours and then the main sell is dark and mysterious in contrast to the rest of the magazine.

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