Thursday, 11 February 2010

Question 4. Technology

How did you use media technologies in the construction, research, planning and evaluation stages?

Technology was a key to our media production with out it our project would have been impossible, but modern technologies helped aid us to make a professional looking music video.

The technology at our disposal was largely limited in contrast to professional directors.
Our technology was capped at:

Low budget video camera (Panasonic Camcorder)

Adobe premiere pro 2.0


Lighting kits


Adobe Photoshop CS2

This limited our abilities to pull of certain shot effectively enough. Meaning that we did not have the equipment to perform tracking shots professionally, if we decided to take these shots it would have to be hand held.

Other shots were also limited like point of view shots as we did not have access to a point of view harness which would of aided us to perform this shot practically and professionally. This left us with the mature look of a shaky hand held look.

Also with regards to the camera technology professional camera were non-attainable for us as the only cameras available at our disposal was the college's commercial Panasonic Camcorder. This posed the problem of definition and video quality, this meant that we had to be cautious with the lighting, as if lighting was too dull then image would be too under exposed but if lighting was too bright then glare would spoil the image.

We were also limited by access for filming as permission for filming is compulsory and there were no studios available for our use.

Our skill was also very limiting for us, the use of the editing tools slowed us down as we couldn't always work out ways in which to apply our ideas to the filming using the editing program, this often left us having to ask people and researching.

Professional Directors/video makers would address these problems with further use of technology (of which is not accessible for us, due to budget and accessibility). Just to list a few technologies available to them:

Tracking and trolley for tracking shots - This would mean that they would get a smooth and consistent tracking shot.

Studios - This would widen the possibility of filming locations.

Higher definition Cameras - This would allow more definition and crisper colours and would prevent nasty glares.

Professional lighting/Naturalistic lighting - This would compliment the colouring of the filming and the high definition of the camera.

Point of view harnesses and steadicams - Would provide the video with a more steady and engaging shot. Making the audience believe that it is a real point of view shot.

A production station for editing including a contol board (also professional editor) - This allows quick short cut (on the control board) which means creative idea don't get forgeten over the hassel of messing about with the equipment. The professional editor also means that the specialist can apply his techniques.

Had we been given the chance to use this professional equipment we would have been heavily advantaged. Allowing us to pull of the correct shots and edit it correctly.

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