Friday, 26 February 2010

Question 3. What have you learned from your audience feedback

An important way of learning from your mistakes and how to improve my work is through audience feedback.

In this blog I am going to show my targets audiences' reactions to my music video and their thoughts and opinions. I am going to ask them varying questions to maximize the feedback I receive.

When looking at peoples feedback I am going to be applying the appropriate theories to understand their feedback fully.

The first form of feedback that I received was from my media studies class where we watched everyone's media production and we made appropriate comments on their work. These are their comments and thoughts of our media product:

Our second form of feedback come in the response of our teacher. I asked him what his general thoughts of our music video was and his response "I found that the start of the music video was just showing a guy following a girl, it wasn't till the second half of the music video that I didn't engage in the 'low key' feel"
Using the uses and gratifications theory; in the first half of the video he was looking for the need of Diversion and Personal Identity to be gratified through my media product. but this need was not being gratified till the second half of the music video, where the music video engaged the audience through humor and antics. This engagement allows the audience to compare the contrasts to their own life, gratifying Personal Identity. It also allows the view to be diverted from their own life through laughter and enjoyment gratifying their need for Escapism.

Our teacher also Picked up on the mise-en-scene of the music video, he said "I also thought that the mise-en-scene could be a bit more seedy, it could be a bit more grungy. The look as if the main character actually smells."
This would allow the audience to engage in the music video's settings more intensely.

He also said, "The lip syncing broke the engagement with the music video because it was off in places."
From the viewers point of view I understood that it was disappointing for the lip syncing to be off but due to technical limitation (mentioned in question 4) only so much was possible. While our hard work is put in by trying to engage the audience into the music video it is spoiled by the lip syncing, breaking their engagement as a result.

I also asked one of my friends that likes similar types of music such as Wheatus - Teenage Dirtbag. His response to our music video was - "Overall I liked the music video, there are different areas that could be imporoved such as the lip syncing."
I ask how it made him feel and what his view towards Stalkers and 'creeps' were, and he replied "before I saw this video I thought that stalkers were horriable creepy people that don't have a life, now I have seen this video it has made me keep the same thoughts but I have sympathised for the character at points of the music video like the second verse where he is being comforted by his friend and he becomes frustrated with him." I then asked him if he found it comical although he was sympathising for the character, he said "yes, I mostly found it funny rather than sympathised for the character" This shows the demonstration of the cultural studies approach theory as he is showing a preferred reading by reading the text as it is supposed to be. Our values are supposed to show the neglect that the character is recieving but the comedy of what is happening to him and the things he is doing is supposed to be dominant.

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