Thursday, 4 February 2010

Question 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products

.The struggle against forms and conventions is one of the most demanding aspects of making a music video. Forms and conventions can be followed or challenged . The way in which the stereotypical conventions of the music genre is broken and challenged is through creativity.

This creativity can be achieved through inspirations.

Inspirations for creativity can come from many places:
Rejections of main stream video's

Creativity of brilliant ideas are often though which are not pushed and forced out.
Much of our ideas was accumulated from experiences of rejection.

But most of our ideas came from conventions of the music genre.
These conventions of the music genre laid the basis for our music video, for example the conventions for a music video telling the story about a girl that they want is often the protagonist following the girl.

In order to break forms and conventions in our music video we tried to add concepts that were unexpected in the music genre. One thing we introduced straight away in the music video was the use of stop motion titling.

The use of entropy in our video creates effects on the audience, effecting them to enguage the media text more closely, for example when we see the main character holding candles it creats an entropic theme untill we see the message that reads "I love u". This relieves the audience of their enigmatic thoughts.

Our music video is also unconventional in the way that the main character doesn't get the girl in the end of the music video. In music videos of the same genre and narrative it is conventional for the main character to achieve his goal and get the girl in the end, and perform a "happily ever after" story. But we have challenged this convention by being consistent through the story and make the girl uninterested in him.

McConnell was the found of the life cycles theory. He says that every media text circulates stages within there genre. The stages he quoted that a genre follows is as followed:
Adventurous Romance
And back to epic, completing the circle.

Throughout this circulation idea's are being added to existing idea's and creating new genres beneath these existing genres. These constantly forming genres have made identifying genres very hard as they are constantly expanding and there are so many sub genres they could be classed into under the subsidiary genre.

I think that our music video is in the parody stage of the life cycle as it is using the genre and making it comical and the idea's of other music video's are used in a novel way. The biggest example of this in our music video is the use of winegums to propose to the Mel.

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