Friday, 11 December 2009

Research and planning for the digi-pak

I am going to produce an effective digi-pak that will attract my target audience. But firstly I need to research existing digi-paks in order to understand their forms and conventions.

This is the first digi-pak I am going to research. Straight away the conotations of darkness is clear from the colour scheme (black and fire) this reflect the tone of the music and allows the audience to enguage with the cd straight understanding its intentions and its contents to an extent.

This digi-pak of Kanye West's Album has been left very simplistic and bold. This allows the audence to enguage with the connotation as they are so bold and clear, for example the heart leads on from a picture of him stood there with lines coming out from his heart. Straight away we understand it is about love.

The mood of the colour staight away connotes holidays and relaxation. The modles on the cover also connotes perfection, dreamy and sun. All of these digi-paks are using the same (or similar) colour backgrounds and colour schemes throughout the digi-pak, So I am going to take this aspect and use it in my own work.

Another aspect that I am going to use in my own work is the fact that the digi-paks have been left simplistic and bold, for the audience to enguage with the product. This is something important for my media product.

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